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Chess Engines Pack

 Chess Engines Pack

 This App will install a collection of the best UCI Chess Engines for Android. To play with them you have to install DroidFish, Chess for Android or any UCI compatible GUI. There are available in Google Play Store.


-Download DroidFish: It will open the DroidFish Google Play link to download it.
-Install Engines for DroidFish: It will install the engines in DroidFish.
-How to play in DroidFish: Open DroidFish, Options->More->Chess Engines->Select a Chess Engine.
-Download Chess For Android: It will open the Chess for Android Google Play link to download it.
-Install Engines: Install the engines in /sdcard/uci path.
-How to play in Chess For Android: After install engines in a custom path, long press on the info panel->UCI and XBoard->Install module from SD->Select the engine from the install path (/sdcard/uci/). To select the installed module, repeat the procedure and select Import Module.


Interfaz para la instalación de una colección de los mejores motores UCI de ajedrez para Android. Para jugar, instalar DroidFish, Chess for Android, u otra interfaz de ajedrez compatible con el protocolo UCI. Disponibles en Google Play.

-Descargar DroidFish: Enlace directo a Google Play para la descarga de DroidFish.
-Instalar Motores para DroidFish: Instalación de los motores en DroidFish.
-Configuración DroidFish: Abrir DroidFish, Opciones->Más->Motores->Seleccionar Motor.
-Descargar Chess For Android: Enlace directo a Google Play para la descarga de Chess for Android.
-Instalar Motores: Instalación de motores en /sdcard/uci
-Configuración de Chess For Android: Después de la instalación de los motores en /sdcard/uci, mantener presionado el panel de información->UCI y XBoard->Instalar módulo desde SD->Seleccionar motor desde la ruta de instalación (/sdcard/uci/). Para seleccionar el módulo instalado repetir el procedimiento y elegir Importar Módulo.

Engines Included:       

Adroit 0.3
Alfil 13
Arasan 1.34
BikJump 2.1
BikJump 1.8
Cheng 1.07
Critter 1.6a
Daydreamer 0.75
Diablo 0.51b
DoubleCheck 2.3
Fruit Reloaded
GarboChess 3
Gaviota 0.85.1
Greko 9
Greko 8.2
Jazz 5.01
Komodo 3
Komodo 1.3

Maverick 1.0 NEW!
Pawny 0.31 
Pepito 1.59
RedQueen 0.98
Robbolito 0.085g31
Rotor 0.7

Senpai 1.0 NEW! 
Simplex 0.98 
Sissa 2.0
StockFish 6.0 NEW!
StockFish 5.0 
StockFish DD 
StockFish 4.0 
StockFish 3.0
StockFish 2.3.1
StockFish 2.1
Sungorus 1.4 

umax 4.8
Toga II 3.0
Toga II 1.4.1SE
Virutor Chess 1.1.1

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