sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

Killer Zombie

Killer Zombie is an amazing action android game. Kill all the zombies and save the world. The zombies have been awakened and want to restore the hell on humanity. Only a few brave, guns in hand, standing in his way. Join them and save humanity.

Images of the game

Catch the bat to obtain new lifes and points.
Win all the levels with all difficulties to unlock all the zombies.

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LostCall Android App to make missed calls to tell your friends you're already waiting for them or in order that they remember you. The app will phone them and hang up automatically.

Realiza llamadas perdidas o toques a tus amigos para decirles que ya estás esperándolos o para que se acuerden de ti. La aplicación llamará y colgará automáticamente después de un tono.

New Version Features:
-Creation of Missed-calls contacts shortcuts
-Creación de accesos directos de contactos para hacerles una llamada perdida.
-Creation of Missed-calls shortcuts of a list of contacts

-Creación de accesos directos de una lista de contactos para hacerles una llamada perdida.


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Basket Jump

Basket Jump is a funny android game. Hits all the baskets that you can, moving the phone. Give effect to the ball, and moderate the force before throwing at basket!

Find it in Android Market, it is free!